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14th-Dec-2014 10:58 pm - Reactions to reacting
Discussion / no weapons discharge
I posted some thoughts on episode responses. But it's everyone else's thoughts that make it an interesting discussion.

On Fandom Reactions and Reacting. And why the request to "...just stop watching" is difficult. "
only to you
Hey there -- my Ramble of 10.9, The Things We Left Behind, if you'd like to read.
8th-Dec-2014 11:19 am(no subject)
SPN 10.08 Hibbing 911 - There is always tension...

I just wanted to get the  word out there if anyone is interested. This is an academic conference, not a fan convention, at DePaul University in Chicago on May 9, and it's free! Currently looking for presenters. Check out the facebook page for more info: A Celebration of Supernatural.
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Ramble On
Here's my Ramble for Episode 10.8, Hibbing 911, if you'd like to read.
1st-Dec-2014 12:40 am(no subject)
SPN 10.07 Girls, Girls, Girls - Beyond a story book
Ramble On
Hiya. Here's this if you're interested: 10.7, Girls, Girls, Girls.
25th-Nov-2014 07:37 am - Cinematography of Supernatural
Sam with Heron
This is a post I created a while back in preparation for a chapter in the Fan Phenomena: Supernatural book by fangasm. I talk about some of my favourite cinematic shots from seasons 4-8 and look at possible meta significance of each shot.

Cinematography of Supernatural
23rd-Nov-2014 07:19 pm(no subject)
SPN 10.06 Ask Jeeves - Who, What or Why...
So I got quite a bit behind, catching up now - here's my reaction post to SPN 10x4 "Paper Moon" :)
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