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22nd-Oct-2014 07:42 am - 10.02 Riechenbach
Some thoughts on Riechenbach here
Ramble On
Hey there! Here's my review for Episode 10.3 - Soul Survivor, if you'd like to read.

19th-Oct-2014 06:56 pm(no subject)
SPN 10.02 Reichenbach - I'm a Demon

CROWLEY: The mark needs to be sated. Otherwise...
DEAN: ...otherwise, I turn into a demon.

Man but I’ve been thinking about this way too bloody hard. Like - what? Dean IS a demon, isn’t he?

My slightly garbled thoughts on Dean's demonness and the mark of Cain and whatnot.

I find the title "Reichenbach" too beautiful, too unexpected and too intriguing to just ignore it.
So I put a few thoughts on my journal.
everything ends
Here's a brief reflection on the use of three of the cars in 10x01 and how they serve to both delineate, frame, and offer highly suggestive commentary about the episode and its three heroes. It also asks about Sam's "electric brain" car, and from whence it even came. XD
Ramble On
Hi there! Thought I'd post my ramble for Episode 10.2, Reichenbach, if anyone would like to read.

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