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Bible Entry 1x06: Skin

1x06 Skin

Boring Production Crap

Original Air Date: 10/18/05
Writer: John Shiban
Director: Robert Duncan McNeill

Guest Players
Rebecca: Amy Grabow
Zach: Aleks Holt
Alex: Peter Shinkoda
Lindsay: Anita Brown

What Time Is It?
Typical vague timeline. Rebecca says she's "crashing here for the long holiday," which, could mean any holiday during the schoolyear, really, but she also says she's decided to take the semester off. As Stanford's undergraduate school doesn't have semesters, but quarters, this is kind of confusing (unless she has progressed to Law School in Sam's absence. Stanford has long weekends for undergraduates during January (Martin Luther King Day), February (President's Day), May (Memorial Day), and July (Independence Day). There are no "long weekends" during the Fall semester. Of those days, the Law School has only Martin Luther King and Independence. If I had to guess, I'd figure it's January, but the trees around St. Louis say I'm wrong. *g* Again we have the whole "later in the season, we have SNOW" problem with pinning down this episode.
Now, Which One Was That?
Sam drags Dean to St. Louis after he receives an email from a college friend. Seems her brother (who was also a friend from Stanford) has been arrested for killing his girlfriend--but to do that, he would have had to be in two places at one time. The investigation leads to the discovery of a shapeshifter who has Dean's number.

All the Niggling Little Details
  • Sam has a blackberry. *geek*
  • This is incredibly detail-oriented, but somebody's gonna need it for a fic sometime, I just know... The Impala's gas tank is rearward--meaning that you gas it from below the trunk.
  • What we can see of Sam's email is "lawboy@[possibly][/possibly]
  • We're never told why Zach is now living in St. Louis--unless he graduated or dropped out sometime between October and our mystery three-day weekend.
  • I find it hard to believe that a man who has Zach's coloring is the blood brother of a girl who looks like Becky. *shrug* Genetics be weird.
  • In another Dark Angel crossover event, Peter Shinkoda was in the second season episode titled "Love Among the Runes," in which Jensen Ackles also starred.
  • Dean? SO not a morning person! *g*
  • "He seemed like such a nice guy" is so amazing;y stereotypical a line that I have to laugh.
  • I think Sam needs to learn to think outside the box--how do you NOT think of the sewers when you're standing right on top of a manhole?
  • Dean is... scary. Not many people have serrated pocketknives.
  • Sometimes these set dressers have GREAT detailing--the manhole out of which the shapeshifter comes actually says "ST. LOUIS" on it. *g*
  • When we see the shapeshifter attack the boys in the sewer, he's already wearing exactly the same t-shirt and jeans as Dean. Convenient.
  • While the shapeshifter was smart enough to take Dean's ring and pendant, it didn't think to take his bracelets or watch.
  • Dude--do I even want to know why Becky's parents have boxing shorts hung up on their kitchen WALL?
  • One thing bugs me: I hate that Sam is so okay with Dean being "dead"--and charged with murder. Don't you think that'd be a problem?
Where'd That Myth Come From?
When I am not falling asleep, I'll explain about:
Dark Double
What's in a Name?
  • Because Becca knows Sam, they use their own names throughout this episode. More's the pity!

  • Sam/Sammy Battle: Sammy is entirely absent from this episode. Sorry!
What Did You Just Say?
DEAN: So you lie to them?
SAM: No! I just don't tell them... everything.
DEAN: Yeah, that's--that's called lying.

SAM: So what am I supposed to do--just cut everybody out of my life? [Dean shrugs.] You're serious?
DEAN: Look it sucks, but a job like this, you can't get close to people. Period.
SAM: You're kind of antisocial, you know that?

DEAN: Hey man, like it or not, we are not like other people.

DEAN:</i> Oh! The thought of him driving my car!
SAM: Come on.
DEAN: It's killing me.
SAM: Let it go.

Counting the Cost
Pain Quotient:
  • DEAN OWIES: Well, let's see. He should have a concussion, since he was unconscious the whole time Shapeshifter!Dean was talking to Sam. He had the whole smacked shoulder, the mental rape, the wet foot because the shapshifter stole his shoes... Yeah. Ow.
  • SAM OWIES: Again with the concussion. Also the tire iron to the head, the backhand from faux!Dean, the smack on the back of the head with the beer bottle, whatever the shapeshifter did to him between the beer bottle and the fight, the getting his butt kicked by the shapeshifter, the choking. Fine--he's definitely more Ow-ed than Dean. Fine.
  • PAPA OWIES: He wasn't there, but he damn well better have been angsting about Dean's supposed demise when he heard it on CNN.

Collateral Damage: Only one person dead, that we know of: That'd be Zach's girlfriend. Lindsay, Dean, Sam, and Becky all count as beaten and battered in my book.

The Bad, the Ugly, and the Dead: One dead Dean shapeshifter, shot by Dean. Twice. Ow.

Metallicar Watch: When the boys pull up behind Zach's place, you can see that there's a ding on the driver's side door of the car. Okay, so it probably wasn't inflicted during the beginning of the episode, but man! Mettalicar damage *sob*! Also, there's every possibility that the shapeshifter might have shed a little on the leather *shudder*.

Zippo Count: Thank God, no Zippo damage here--unless the shapeshifter stole that to keep all his damn candles lit. That wasn't freaky at all, nope.

Sacrificed on the Altar of Whoops!

  • In Alex and Lindasy's house, either the set dressers had only one small hallway to work with or the wall hangings also had dopplegangers--the painting in the entry way is exactly the same painting as the one in the hallway from the office, and the layout of both areas is the same.
  • Okay, really--does St. Louis have street signs that say "Public Washroom"? I think not. Perhaps the shot when Sam meets up with Shapeshifter!Dean after the chase ought not to have started quite so prominently on that sign, yes?
  • COME ON! They stake out the house, see the boys heading for the Impala and don't bother to impound and search the car! Ah, detectives! So smart!
  • If you're going to stage a fight and have Sam try to push Dean away while Dean is choking him, please remember than Sam's probably got a good four inches of reach on his brother. He should have been able to push Dean's face pretty far back.
Driver Picks the Music
"In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" -- Iron Butterfly
"Poison Whiskey" -- Lynyrd Skynyrd
"Hey Man, Nice Shot" -- Filter
"All Right Now" -- Free
What Did They Just Say?
Official Heavy Metas
None yet!

Other really cool people talked, too!

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