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Bible Entry: 1x09 Home

Hey, guys. This is due July 4th, but I'll be traveling then. I asked whether I could put it up early, and got the go ahead. But then, my grandmother died, and so I'm having to fly out even earlier than planned to attend her funeral. I was going to spend the weekend writing this, but now I can't. So here's about half a bible entry. If you have anything to add, please please comment. When I get back in two weeks, I'll update it. Hopefully this is okay.

1x09 Home

Boring Production Crap

Original Air Date: 11/15/05

Writer: Eric Kripke

Director: Ken Girotti

Guest Players

John Winchester: Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Mary Winchester: Samantha Smith

Missouri Moseley: Loretta Devine

Jenny: Kristin Richardson

Sarie: Haili Page

Ritchie: Jamie Schwanebeck

Joe the Plumber: Jerry Rector

Mr. Guenther: Don Thompson

What Time Is It?
Not sure.
Now, Which One Was That?
Sam has a vision that leads him and Dean back to Lawrence, Kansas, to save the current tenants of their old house from a mysterious evil force. They learn more about their past, meet an old friend of their father, and come face to face with someone they thought they would never see.
All the Niggling Little Details
  • This is where Sam first tells Dean about his precognitive nightmares and his foreknowledge of Jessica's death (which we learned about in Bloody Mary). Everybody, characters and audience, learns of his ability to sense the energy of the baddies (his spider sense still tingling after Missouri says the house is clean, him being able to see that it's his Mom before Dean and we do).

  • Daddy shows up for the first time. He probably came in response to Dean's call, but he doesn't reveal himself to the boys. When Missouri gets home, she mentions Sam's powers in John's hearing. John also already knows of Mary's spirit's appearance and destruction. Was he there watching? Did Missouri call him before she came home?

  • I find it very interesting that Mary's spirit is destroyed. We never learn what happens to souls "normally" after death: lack of existence, heaven, hell, reincarnation? All we see are the ones gone wrong, the ghosts. But if souls can be totally destroyed, does that mean that's what happens to each ghost the Winchesters get rid of? Was Mary's soul bound to the house? Why do we see it still burning? How does that relate to the shot of what may have been Jessica's soul we saw when she wasn't bound to the place she died and she wasn't burning?

  • We learn about John's past: he was a Marine, he ran a garage, he's stubborn and hates to lose, he told people about seeing Mary on the ceiling after the fire, he told people he was going to a psychic, Guenther doesn't mention him drinking, he disappeared and everyone knows that the police were looking into it.

  • Dean may be obsessed and clingy with his family, but he had sworn to himself never to go back to Lawrence.

  • Sam didn't know that Dean had carried him out of the house that time; he does now.

  • The boys asked their father many times to tell them about the thing that killed Mary, and he never told them any of his knowledge or theories.

  • The boys hug. Dean grabs Sam to peel the cord off his neck, and then when he's done, he slaps Sam on the chest and pulls him in again. We see Sam lean forward and cut to black. Awww.

  • Possible Dark Angel reference: When Dean is telling Sam he swore to never go back, we see him in profile and the tag on his flannel shirt is sticking up along the back of his neck. At first it looks a lot like a tattoo, then when he turns it's a tag. Or maybe that's just me...

  • Dean starts to tell Jenny they're from the Federal something, Sam is the one who tells her the truth.

  • Sam gives Sarie the exact same instructions John gave to Dean.

Where'd That Myth Come From?
  • MOTW: Poltergeist

  • Mary: monster in closet/figure of fire/ghost/guardian angel

  • Sam and Missouri: psychics

What's in a Name?
  • They use their own names.

  • Sam/Sammy Battle: ???
What Did You Just Say?
Counting the Cost
Pain Quotient:
  • DEAN OWIES: Dean gets knives thrown at him, but isn't really injured, though he does have to do some mopping up.

  • SAM OWIES: Sam gets strangled and dragged around and pushed into a wall. Oh, classic: go for his neck!

Collateral Damage: No one dies, but Jenny is scared, the kids are scared, and Ritchie is in a refrigerator for a bit. A plumber gets his hand ground up in the garbage disposal. Missouri is smashed into a wall by a trunk.

The Bad, the Ugly, and the Dead: Mary takes out the poltergeist, and in so doing is destroyed herself.

Metallicar Watch:

Zippo Count: Nothing is burned.

Sacrificed on the Altar of Whoops!

Driver Picks the Music
What Did They Just Say?
Official Heavy Metas


Other really cool people talked, too!


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