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Bible Entry 1x07: Hook Man

Hey guys, sorry for the delay with this.  I had intended to finish it earlier this week and post it right after the "Skin" Bible Entry went up, but RL decided to kick my ass.  But here it is now.  I'll be editing it some more in the next few days, to add more episode details, but nearly everything's here.  Please link me your "Hook Man" metas so I can add them to this entry!


Boring Production Crap
Original Air Date: 10/25/05
Writer: John Shiban
Director: David Jackson

Guest Players
Taylor: Christie Laing
Lori Sorenson: Jane McGregor
Rich: Brian T. Skala
Reverend Tom Sorenson: Dan Butler
Sheriff: Alfred E. Humphreys
Cute Librarian: Chelah Horsdal

What Time Is It?
Another nebulous timeline.  It's probably early March, pretty soon after the events of "Skin," since the next episode, "Bugs" takes place at the Spring Equinox (~March 20th).  There's really no way of knowing the exact date, since the newspaper article about Rich's death isn't dated.  The trees all look really green, which indicates that it's probably spring.  Possibly during basketball season, since the frat boy is painting himself purple for the "big game today," and football season ends with bowl games just after the start of the new year.  But who knows, really?
Now, Which One Was That?
Sam and Dean help a girl whose date became a victim of the "Hook Man," a famous urban legend that turns out to be real, in a small college town in Calumet County, Iowa. In order to save her and her father, the local minister, the brothers have to find the ghost's bones so they can destroy them. But Sam and Dean run into a problem when they discover that the bones are in an unmarked grave.
All the Niggling Little Details
  • Lori and Taylor are members of the Theta Sorority at Eastern Iowa University.  As far as I could find, there is no Theta Sorority, or an Eastern Iowa University for that matter.  The school could be the University of Iowa, in Iowa City, which is in the eastern part of the state, as well as being in Calumet County, where this episode takes place.

  • The murder takes place on Nine Mile Rd.

  • This is the first episode to make use of rock salt bullets.  From Sam and Dean's conversation, we find out that this is a somewhat new weapon for the Winchesters, or at least something not worked with until after Sam left for Stanford.

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Where'd That Myth Come From?
Right now, most of this information comes from the pad of definitions from the Official Supernatural Site.  When I have a bit more time, I'll go back and provide more info about the urban legends, since I have a ton of it lying around.  But for now:
  • Hook Man Legend: An urban legend that began circulating widely in the 1950s.  There are many variations, but the basic story is the same.  It begins when a teenage boy takes his unsuspecting date out to Lovers' Lane for a make-out session.  While there, they hear a report of a murderer who has escaped form a nearby insane asylum; the newscaster says everyone should be on the look out for this crazy man, who has a hook in place of his right hand.  The girl becomes frightened – especially when the couple hears a strange scratching sound coming from outside the car – but her date insists everything is fine and tries to continue making out.  The girl resists, and eventually the boy relents and drives her home.  When they arrive back at the girl's house, the girl exits the car and begins screaming hysterically.  When her date exits the car as well, he sees a bloody detached hook embedded in the roof of the car – and realizes that the Hook Man would have scratched through to the interior if the car had they stayed at Lover's Lane any longer.  The variation used in this episode, with the boyfriend (Rich) being hanged upside down over the car, is also used to great effect in the 1998 film Urban Legend.

  • Rock Salt/Rock Salt Gun: Non-lethal weapon and ammunition often used by police to control crowds or riots.  Spirit hunters also use them as a defense against ghosts and other supernatural spirits.  The fired salt alone will not destroy the spirit, but it does act as a deterrent, forcing the spirit to dissipate briefly.

  • Aren't You Glad You Didn't Turn on the Lights?: A variation on the Hook Man legend.  It concerns two roommates, usually girls.  When one comes home late, she finds all the lights are out and assumes her roommate is already asleep.  The girl gets ready for bed without turning on the lights.  The next morning, when she wakes up, the girl is horrified to discover that her roommate has been viciously slaughtered – and written above her body, in her own blood, are the words 'Aren't you glad you didn't turn on the lights?'  This legend was also used in Urban Legend

  • Ozone: Ghosts, spirits, and other supernatural beings often leave behind evidence of their presence.  One type of evidence is ozone, which is a poisonous unstable gaseous form of oxygen, formed from diatomic oxygen by electric discharge or exposure to ultraviolet radiation.  Ozone can be detected by its smell.  The stronger the smell, the stronger the spirit's presence.  Ability to smell ozone differs from person to person, but most people can smell it at about 0.015 ppmv.  Ozone is also the primary cause in the scent that precedes a rainstorm.

  • Avenging Angels: An angel is an ethereal creature who assists and serves God or the gods of many religious traditions.  In the Christian bible, angels are portrayed as powerful and dreadful, endowed with wisdom, correct in their judgment, holy, but not infallible.  When their duties are not punitive, angels are beneficent to man.  When their duties are punitive, they are known as avenging angels and are mentioned inverses such as II Sam. Xxiv. 15, in which an angel annihilates thousands on God's command.  These avenging angels are used by God to punish men for their sins.
What's in a Name?
  • No fake names this time.  Sam introduces them to Lori as Sam and his brother Dean.

  • Sam/Sammy Battle: Sam is the clear winner this week, as Dean addresses him as "Sam" three times, and "Sammy" zero times.
What Did You Just Say?
Counting the Cost
Pain Quotient:
  • Sam gets his left arm slashed by the Hook Man, and gets bandaged at the end of the episode.
  • Sam is knocked down by a bookcase, which falls on him.
  • Dean, the lucky bastard, is unharmed.

Collateral Damage: Lori's boyfriend Rich and roommate Taylor are both killed by the Hook Man.  Reverend Sorenson is injured by the Hook Man, but survives.  The church's silver collection is, sadly, not so lucky.

The Bad, the Ugly, and the Dead: Jacob Carnes's [sp?] body is salted and burned, and the hook is found and destroyed, thus stopping the Hook Man.

Metallicar Watch: No damage, but it does get a ticket.

Zippo Count: No actual zippos harmed in the salting and burning of Jacob Carnes's bones.  It sounds like Dean lights a match, but he throws something a lot bigger than a match into the grave.  Not sure what it is.

Sacrificed on the Altar of Whoops!
  • In the overhead shot of the town when Sam and Dean arrive, there are several palm trees visible.  Palms are not native to Iowa.
  • Jacob Carnes's bones are supposed to be buried in an unmarked grave.  However, when Dean finds the grave, there's a headstone that's marked with the symbol from the hook.  Not very "unmarked" if you ask me.
  • The melting point of pure silver is 1763.2°F (or 961.78°C).  Most of the silver that Dean had to burn was probably sterling silver, but even that doesn't melt until ~1640°F (~893°C).  There is no way that that furnace could ever reach those temperatures.
Driver Picks the Music
"Merry Go Round" by Split Habit
"Bang Your Head (Metal Health)" by Quiet Riot
"Noise" by Low Five
"At Rest" by APM
"Royal Bethlehem" by APM
"U Do 2 Me" by Paul Richards
"Piece of Mind" by Boston</p>
What Did They Just Say?
Official Heavy Metas
Dean -- His Father's Son: Dean in "Hook Man" by briarwood
Sam -- On the Rebound: Sam in "Hook Man" by astri13
John -- Building a Dream Team: John in "Hook Man" by anteka

Other really cool people talked, too!

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