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Bible entry 1x13: Route 666

1x13: "Route 666"

Boring Production Crap
Original Air Date: 01/31/06
Writer: Eugenie Ross-Leming and Brad Buckner
Director: Paul Shapiro

Guest Players
Cassie: Megalyn Echikunwoke
Mrs. Robinson: Kathleen Noone
Mayor Harold Todd: Gary Hetherington

What Time Is It?
The timeline for this episode is very vague; not surprising for a standalone ep. It snows (in Missouri, but more on that below) which would make you think it was sometime between January and March. However, "Scarecrow" (1x11) took place during the second week of April, and then the events of "Faith" (1x12) couldn't really have taken less than a week (Dean is in the hospital for three days alone). So we're looking at late April at the earliest. However, Sam mentions that the Dorian house was bulldozed "on the third of last month" and that the first killing (Clayton Somes, a friend of Cassie's father) happened the next day. Earlier in the episode, Cassie mentions that Clayton and her father were killed within three weeks of each other, which would put Sam and Dean arriving in Missouri right around the first of the new month. It can't be April, so it has to be early May. So, yeah. Timeline's a little whacked.
Now, Which One Was That?
En route to an unspecified job in Pennsylvania, Dean gets a voicemail from Cassie, an ex-girlfriend, that says her father died under unusual circumstances. Sam and Dean travel to Cape Girardeau, Missouri, to help her, when her boss (Jimmy, the editor of the paper) becomes the third prominent African-American in the community killed in the same way: by being run off the road in his car by a phantom black truck that doesn't leave any tire tracks.

Sam is not impressed that Dean told Cassie what they do for a living.

Cassie is sassy, Dean is close-mouthed, and Sam regresses back to being the kid brother as they try to solve the case. We learn that Dean actually loved Cassie, but Cassie dumped Dean because he told her what he did for a job and she didn't believe him. They sleep together anyway.

Well HELLO, Dean's back.

The caucasian mayor is killed, and finally Cassie's mother -- also white -- spills the story of her late husband beating a racist (and her ex-boyfriend) named Cyrus Dorian to death after he tried to lynch Cassie's father ... and set fire to the church in which they were going to be married, killing a children's choir. Cyrus had used the truck to carry out several lynchings in the 1960s and now his spirit -- awoken by the bulldozing of his family home -- is possessing his old truck to "reinact past crimes" and exact revenge on his killer (and his friends, and the cop who covered up the murder, Mayor Todd).

Sam thinks: "Dean kisses girls! Wait 'til I tell Dad."

Sam and Dean dredge up the truck to salt and burn Cyrus's bones, but they end up having to lure the truck back to the site of the church -- hallowed ground -- to destroy his spirit. Case solved, Dean makes vague promises about seeing Cassie again, but she responds that she's "a realist" and kisses him goodbye. On the road again, Sam asks Dean if having a girl like that ever made him want to settle down, to which Dean just smiles enigmatically.

All the Niggling Little Details
  • The title seems to be a play on the number 666, which refers to the Devil biblically, and Route 66, a famed road across America.

  • According to an early script, the story was originally supposed to take place in Pauley, Mississippi (a fictional town). Snow in Vancouver forced a last-minute change of locale, since it doesn't snow much in Mississippi. (Mayor Todd's car still has Mississippi license plates, and when Dean is doing research online, he is reading "The Pauley Breeze" website. The map Sam studies when he's trying to give directions shows the real towns of Tula, Randolph, and Somerset, which are close to Tupelo in north-central Mississippi.)

  • Cassie's father is driving on US 6 when he's run off the road (and Sam and Dean leave town on it). The "only road out of town" presumably means the only road across the Mississippi River into Illinois, which is route 146. There is no US 6 in the area (but, you guessed it, there is one through north-central Mississippi).

  • The radio in the car says that temperatures are "heading below zero" which is "unseasonably cold." Apparently.

  • The service station (est. 1966) that Sam and Dean are stopped at when Cassie calls is in (fictional) Bismark, Kentucky, according to the sign.

  • Sam says that Dean has never mentioned Cassie, and seems surprised that he "dated someone, for more than one night" -- more fodder for Dean's playboy rep.

  • Dean and Cassie met when Cassie was "finishing up college" in Athens, Ohio -- presumably at Ohio University -- where Dean and John were doing a job.

  • We get some canon on Sam and Jessica's relationship: they were dating, or he knew her and lied to her, for at least a year and a half.

  • Yay! Sam and Dean wear the suits purchased in Phantom Traveler to pose as insurance agents from Jimmy's insurance company ("All National Mutual," which is, you guessed it! fictional).

  • Dean thinks he "shouldn't have" told Cassie about what they do, and that it was "stupid to get so close." Later he says that it was "a big first" for him to be so honest.

  • Dean refers to what they do as "my dad's work." And Sammy has a little notebook!

  • Cyrus Dorian vanished in April 1963.

  • Sam took classes (or a class) that required him to write papers on "polycentric cultural norms."

Where'd That Myth Come From?
  • DEAN: You heard of the Flying Dutchman?

  • Sam descibes it as a ghost ship infused with the captain's evil spirit: "It was basically a part of him." [ Wikipedia's story is somewhat different. ]

  • SAM: Like that theatre in Illinois?

  • Sam is explaining why Cyrus's spirit, dormant for forty years, was reawakened because of the demolition of his house. This most likely refers to the Lincoln Square Theatre in Decatur, Illinois. The theatre tells a story about "One-Armed Red," the ghost of stagehand who was killed tragically during a performance. Apparitions were reported after the theatre was burned and rebuilt in 1960.
What's in a Name?
  • No pseudonyms this time.

  • Sam/Sammy Battle: Apparently, Dean is too preoccupied to address his brother by name at ALL in this episode! (Meanwhile, Sam says Dean a whopping 13 times.)
What Did You Just Say?
SAM: You told her. You told her? The secret? Our big family rule number one: we do what we do, and we shut up about it. For a year and a half I do nothing but lie to Jessica, and you go out with this chick in OHIO a couple of times and you tell her everything? [ Dean doesn't respond ] Dean!
DEAN: Yeah, looks like it.

SAM: What's interesting is that you guys never really look at each other at the same time. You look at her when she's not looking; she checks you out when you look away. It’s just a, just an interesting observation, in a, you know, observationally interesting way.
DEAN: You think we might have some more pressing issues here?

CASSIE: Whenever we get ... what's the word, "close?" Anywhere in the neighborhood of emotional vulnerability, you back off. Or make some joke, or find any way to shut the door on me.
DEAN: Oh, that's hilarious. See, I'm not the one who took that big final door and slammed it behind me.
CASSIE: Wait a minute-
DEAN: And I'm not the one who took the key and buried it!
CASSIE : Are we done with this metaphor?

SAM: Occasionally I miss boring.
DEAN: Alright, so, this killer truck-
SAM: I miss conversations that didn't start with "this killer truck."
Counting the Cost
Pain Quotient: Nothing much for this boys this time, unless Dean pees his pants when the ghost truck runs him down.
Collateral Damage: Four. Two deaths off-screen (Cassie's father, and Clayton Somes, his best friend and partner); then Jimmy (the newspaper editor); then Mayor Todd.

The Bad, the Ugly, and the Dead: Cyrus Dorian is already dead, killed 40 years ago by Cassie's father, but Sam and Dean salt his bones.

Metallicar Watch: Maybe the Impala pees its pants, too?

Zippo Count: They do set fire to Cyrus's bones, but we don't see what Dean uses to start it.

Sacrificed on the Altar of Whoops!

  • Hard to tell how Sam and Dean could have attached the chain to the submerged truck without getting wet themselves. However, both seem completely dry.

  • When Sam is telling Dean how to lure the truck to a precise spot, he tells him to drive exactly 0.7 miles. When Dean looks at the odometer, it reads 70098.3. As he stops, it reads 70100.9, which is already over two miles. (P.S.: Their '67 Chevy has less than 100,000 miles on it? Given how far we've already seen Dean drive it this season alone? Riiiiiight.)

Driver Picks the Music
"Walk Away" by Joe Walsh and The James Gang (at the gas station)
"She Brings Me Love" by Bad Company (during the sex scene)
"Can’t Find my Way Home" by Blind Faith (when the boys drive into the sunset)
What Did They Just Say?
Official Heavy Metas

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