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Sam in Provenance

Marry that girl - Sam in Provenance

In a nice bit of continuity the lighter atmosphere from Hell House and the deeper understanding between the brothers that came from Something Wicked carries over here.

Sam is once again seen as the one hunting for clues about their next job while Dean is having fun in a bar. This is consistent with what we`ve seen so far. The bar scene just isn`t Sam`s thing and he probably gets dragged there time and again by Dean. It also reinforces Sam`s interest in at least the researching part of hunting. That seems right up his alley.

But while Sam isn`t a party animal per se, there is also a fun-loving side to him. Not to mention a "guy"-side. Watch his reaction carefully, he isn`t morally outraged at Dean making up stories to the girls, trying to charm them into his bed. It`s more of an amused "what can you do about this (loveable) scoundrel"-reaction. And when Dean tells him about the reality TV-scouts-lie, Sam is giggling right along with him.

And who can forget his adorkable squeak in the auction house which proves that Sam can be a goofball with the bst of them.

Also the reason he gives for taking art classes is meeting girls. And even Dean seems surprised at that. But it shows that Sam while maybe not as in-your-face with it as Dean is, is clearly a guy too and not some metrosexualized being that a lot of shows have grown so fond of in their portrayal of political correct male characters.

In fact I adored him being a bit jerky here to Sarah in the house with the
That`s fascinating but relevant how?. People are like that. Even gentle giants. ;)
If Sam never had moments like this, he would be way too perfect and in essence boring and annoying.
I equally loved his line about "low sodium freaks". Stuff like that humanizes the character.

Him waking up a threesome-sleeping-off Dean is a bit like a mini-continuation of their prank war, with Sam once again using the car against Dean. Followed up by the same adorable dorky laugh.

All in all, this is miles away from the angry, grief-stricken character we`ve seen after Jessica`s death. The healing process is clearly coming along nicely.
Yet it is also different from the Pilot!Sam who was uneasy with and had clearly grown apart from his brother. The progression in their relationship over the course of the Season is clearly a thing of beauty.

Provenance, after the first tentative baby steps in Hookman, also marks the second and much more profound attempt at rebound for Sam. With a generous helping of Dean pushing him forward, admittedly. :)

From the moment of their first meeting in the auction house the mutual attraction with Sarah is clear. Yet it is also plain to see that Sam doesn`t feel comfortable acting on it. A bit of flirtatious banter over art history is as far as he will go on the matter.
Luckily Dean is in full-out pimp mode here and Sam never really stands a chance. *g*

Once again Sam bonds with a person over the loss of someone significant in their lifes. Yet I felt his attraction to Sarah here right from the start is different than the one to Lori in Hookman. The latter practically screamed damsel in distress and gave up this ultra-victim-vibe that would have appealed to Sam at that time. With Sarah otoh there is none of that, so I feel she gives a much better read on what kind of woman Sam feels drawn to.

Sarah turns out to be strong, courageous, open-minded and compassionate woman. While she is freaked out by the ghostly business, she clearly feels and takes responsibility for selling the murderous painting. She wants to see things through and is certainly no shrieking damsel in distress.

At their date she also rescues Sam from his embarassment with the snobby waiter, showing she, inspite of clearly being rich or at least upper class, isn`t a snob herself like her Dad.
She was embarassed about him rudely dismissing the brothers and while she poked a bit of snarky-fun at Dean about the mini-quiche (and Sam looked embarassed here too), I didn`t get the feeling she looked down on him. In fact I think there was a definitive wink when he maneuvered Sam towards her.

That little incident at the restaurant also tells us something about Sam. He may have gotten the education and planned to go into law school which might have led to a life where he ran into such circles, but he isn`t there yet. He isnt used to travelling in high society and while he maybe able to talk about some intellectual topics, he clearly lacks the background.
And while his more mild-mannered approach would make it easier to blend in than Dean, who obviously doesn`t care enough to even try, for people like Sarah`s father that`s still not enough, i.e. the rejected handshake.

Of course the episode also gives us another beautiful brotherly scene. No chick flick moments, my ass. The show is full of them. ;) Where Sam actually comes pretty close to really voicing his fears, yet can`t quite bring himself too. He acknowledges that indeed, Jessica would have wanted him to be happy and it isn`t just her memory that is holding him back.
But he can`t tell Dean here what he later pretty much tells Sarah, namely his fears of being a Typhoid Mary who brings pain and destruction to everyone that gets close. I`m guessing by now Sam must know that Dean in his protection of Sam will outright reject hearing such thoughts and tell him to stop beating himself up with guilt. And I guess not a small part of him fears that while Dean talks the talk, he too believes that Sam is some kind of freak or cause of death.

Sarah otoh can`t fully understand where Sam is coming from here. So while yes, she makes valid points of making the most of life and not being scared by it, Sam`s situation is a bit more complicated than that. He has good reason not to risk getting close to people.
And I think he clearly feels a responsibility to put his life on hold as long as the Demon is out there. If it was just about revenge, he could turn his back on it and let it rest.

Interestingly enough while Sam obviously feels like he can`t really move forward now, at the last minute he decides to at least leave the door open with Sarah. He hasn`t given up hope yet.

On a side note, there was something in the episode that seriously made me giggle. And wonder about Sam`s taste in music. When the brothers enter the infamous motel room where disco never died, Dean looked as horrified as could be. Yet Sam looked merely confused at first and then gives this little "Hm, not bad" shrug. I swear. So could it be that Sam is a closeted Disco fan? *g*

Anyway, the episode gaves us quite a few sides of Sam Winchester to see and adore.
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