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Heavy Meta Poisoning
Supernatural is truth
meta for: Metallicar 
13th-Sep-2006 10:36 pm
Twelfth Doctor

The Metallicar (otherwise known as a1967 Chevrolet Impala) has been in the Winchester family since at least November 2, 1982. For the purposes of the show, we see a “regular” Impala, not a SS (SuperSport). That doesn’t mean that some of the “lesser” cars aren’t the SS model; the emblem would have to be removed or hidden. You know where Jensen usually sits/leans on the hood of the car, driver’s side? On the grille would be the SS emblem. It should actually have the Impala emblem there, too, but the grille is unmarked. Hm.... It makes me wonder just how many of the cars are SSs, because they seem to be easier to find. For differences in the SuperSport model and the regular Impala, see the end of this post.

The Metallicar has been with the Winchester family, seemingly offering “comfort” or “stability” at the worst times of their lives. First, when Mary was killed. It held John, baby Sam and little Dean as they tried to assimilate what happened. When Jess was killed, Dean was there with the Metallicar (at this point in the series, we only know that Dean has the car. We find out later that John gave it to him, but it’s still unknown when John gave it to Dean). It was there in Phantom Traveler, supporting the boys as they listen to their father’s phone message, learning for the first time that he is still alive. And [spoilers for the finale, just in case anyone hasn’t seen it yet, and WHY HAVEN’T YOU YET?], Sam is driving the Metallicar to the hospital to save both his father and brother, when it’s side-slammed into by a semi. Engine and body condition: unknown. Radio: still working, damn it. I can’t listen to that song anymore and it’s ALL THEIR FAULT. It’s been a bed for both Sam and Dean. It’s been used as a weapon (reference: Woman in White).

The license plate, as we all know, is KAZ 2Y5. What I discovered is the “SG” tag in the upper left corner stands for Sedgwick County. Lawrence, KS, is in Douglas County (see map for distance between counties). Don’t know yet if it holds any significance, or just a “whoops!” moment.


The hard facts: Four door sedan. Steel unibody. Black exterior paint. Beige interior door panels. Automatic transmission (shifter is on the steering column). Bench front seat (this supposedly has a folding armrest, though I’ve never seen it used. Anyone ever catch a glimpse of the space between the boys and notice an armrest?) Ignition in the dashboard. Original radio was AM/FM, but the cassette deck was added later. Unsure yet if John, Dean, or another owner that installed it. Gas tank is located in the rear of the car. To access it, the license plate holder is on a hinge. It pulls down; I couldn’t find out and we only see Dean pumping gas a few times, and never from his POV. [Why did that sound so dirty?] ref: Scarecrow. I didn't notice because Dean's not pumping the gas, and he's you know, leaning on the back fender, and yeah. I was distracted.

Even though she weighs 3650 lbs, she can achieve a zero-to-sixty run in about 9 seconds. Top speed is in the neighborhood of 130 miles-per-hour. Dude, I want to see Dean open her up on the highway!

Wikipedia entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metallicar
Impala fanfic: http://kbk.livejournal.com/271327.html

The name Impala originated from a southern African antelope known for its speed and prowess. Introduced in 1958, the Impala was developed by chief engineer automotive executive for General Motors, Edward Cole. Its styling has been termed 'bat-winged' due to the rear-styling of the vehicle. A variety of engines were available ranging from an inline-6 cylinder up to a triple carburetor, 348 cubic-inches V8 capable of producing 315 horsepower. A fuel injected V8 became available in 1959. Extensive amounts of chrome littered the front end. Two headlights, located side-by-side, were placed on each sides of the vehicle. A front grill was used to help keep the engine cool. The vehicle featured rear-fins that resembled cats-eyes.

Facts about the Impala SS

On the Super Sport models, the new front grille featured blacked-out horizontal strips, and on the rear was a black panel insert between the taillights. The SS identification could be found on the grille, trunk lid and each front fender. Black lower body and rear fender moldings were used on the Super Sport models in contrast with the bright pieces found on other Impalas. The standard Impala wheel covers were used with SS center caps. The SS identification was limited to an SS emblem on the glovebox door. Brushed aluminum inserts embellished the console and dash panel. The dash came with three large round gauges arranged horizontally, with two auxiliary gauges on each end arranged vertically.

Engine availability consisted of the 260 ci for six-cylinder Impala SS models. The V-8 Super Sport Impalas came with the 283 ci single-exhaust two-barrel engine rated at 196 hp, a dual-exhaust four-barrel 327 rated at 275 hp and the 325 hp 395 ci Turbo-Jet.

14th-Sep-2006 03:50 am (UTC)
Wow. :)

My first car was a '67 Pontiac Catalina and the gas tank access was also under the license plate. The hinge was on the bottom of the plate. I'm guessing the Impala's was the same.

I loved that car, even if it was an antique. Unfortunately, living on the beach when going to college speeded up the rusting process.

17th-Sep-2006 05:35 pm (UTC)
The hinge was on the bottom of the plate. I'm guessing the Impala's was the same.

Yes, I think so too. I believe in Scarecrow when Dean is getting gas for his car you can see it's folded down, placing the hinges at the bottom. :]
18th-Sep-2006 04:16 am (UTC)
Hah, found it. You were right, but I missed it because Dean isn't pumping gas, the girl is. I was distracted by the leaning on the fender. Cookie for you!
18th-Sep-2006 11:54 am (UTC)
Yay I get a cookie! Hah, no worries. It took three or four times watching the episode before I saw it. *grins* Dean is seriously distracting.
(Deleted comment)
14th-Sep-2006 11:56 pm (UTC)
Nah :) It took me forever to find the top speed, and when I did, I did a little dance. I wanna see the Metallicar open up on the highway, really pushing it. There's nothing like the sound of a souped up Chevy engine *g*

I didn't come across any model cars that weren't the SS model. *grumble* I don't know why they deliberately kept the SS off the Impala, when it's the more "popular" version out there. Regular Impalas are harder to find. They are sleeker though, without the SS emblem everywhere. It doesn't mar the body line.
(Deleted comment)
15th-Sep-2006 03:11 am (UTC)
I live near a major intersection and en route anywhere when I hear that sweet rumble my head automatically snaps up to examine the car/ vehicle it came from.

*happy sigh* Dad had 1957 station wagon that he turned into an El Camino. We haven't taken it out for a drive in over a year. It needs to, though. It's got practially no muffler *g*

I've been pawing the 'net looking for local car shows. It was much easier when Dad was part of a club, as he kept up with them.


It's awesome :)
(Deleted comment)
18th-Sep-2006 03:38 am (UTC)
Dad bought the station wagon in 1982 thereabouts. He finished retrofitting it to el camino status, finished painting it 2000 Dodge Ram red in the fall of 2000. He willed it to his first grandson six months later. *sigh* That's also why the purr of a Chevy engine gets me. You should have seen the funeral procession with all the classic cars. It was actually cool, you know, if it weren't happening to me *g*

Anyway, yeah, love the car. Missed getting it in a car show this weekend as it POURED RAIN, and no self-respecting classic car owner would take their baby out in bad weather. Also, I have trouble starting a manual trans. Once I'm in motion, I'm good, but until then? I suck. Luckily, most Impalas came with the automatic, which makes punching it up to 90+ much easier. Why is there no fic with Dean getting into a drag race? Come on, open roads, classic cars...you know it has to happen sometimes.

I like bench seats in older cars, but I have to have bucket seats for my own car. Dunno why. Also, my poor Cavalier will only go to 90 before he starts to shake pretty badly. They just don't make 'em like they used to.

Hey, now, lime green was a cool color for a car *snicker*.
21st-Sep-2006 10:05 pm (UTC)
This is fabulous information *bookmarks for later reference*

You're spot-on about the role the car plays, supporting them at different points in their lives. I love that John is the one who gave it to Dean. That makes the car a generational thing, handed down like the hunting (and Dean's leather jacket looks a lot like John's in SW...)

Damn. I've always liked classic cars, just as something to ogle, don't know much about them. But the impala...things like an inline-6 cylinder up to a triple carburetor, 348 cubic-inches V8 capable of producing 315 horsepower just makes me shivery :)

The car is part of a long tradition of heroes with distinctive vehicles--where that mode of transportation as an extension of themselves. The obvious parallel being Han Solo and the Millenium Falcon. I can't picture the Winchesters without the Impala, which has significant screen presence all its own.
24th-Sep-2006 01:06 am (UTC)

The car is part of a long tradition of heroes with distinctive vehicles--where that mode of transportation as an extension of themselves. The obvious parallel being Han Solo and the Millenium Falcon. I can't picture the Winchesters without the Impala, which has significant screen presence all its own.

I was definitely thinking of the Falcon, as it's so much a part of the family's life, and so important to Dean. And as identifiable as the General Lee is to Dukes of Hazzard fans, and the Striped Tomato is to Starsky & Hutch fans, the Impala is to SPN fans.
2nd-Oct-2006 01:29 am (UTC)
Oh, this is a lovely, lovely bit of info. *Exactly* what I need.

I am wondering, though, about the difference in info here, and that at the Super-wiki site - specifically, the transmission. You list automatic, the SW lists standard, but for the SS model. Also, on the official site, if you get inside the car, there is an overdrive lever? (maybe called something else?) between the seats.

(Sorry, if the boys are sitting in the car I'm so very *not* looking at the dashboard.)

Any clarification you can give would be wonderful.

- hossgal
2nd-Oct-2006 01:54 am (UTC)

I've seen the "model" on the official CW/WB site, and it's definitely not the same as what the boys drive. We've seen Dean put the car into gear, and it's from the steering column, not the seats. Also, the Metallicar clearly has a bench seat, not buckets like the WB site shows. I guess the gearshift between the seats looked cooler, or it was designed before Kripke made a final decision about what kind of transmission they'd use. It's definitely an automatic. No shifting gears for these boys - they just floor it.

I actually saw a 65 SS Impala today, two door. It had bucket seats and the manual tranny, with the gearshift between the seats. Sadly, it was the only Impala at the car show. Lots of Bel Airs and Novas though. *g*
26th-Feb-2008 01:01 am (UTC)
thanks so much for this.

i am looking for info about the Impala's dashboard. What you see in these pix:

interior dash shots from the show:

show a really modern-looking dashboard, not really what i remember (and yeah, i lived in a part of the country that kept driving these things through the late 1970s at least). i'm working on a teen!chesters fic, and wanted to reference the dash. i was all about happy when someone sent me the apparently-wrong interior shot from the pilot website. 'cuz that's more the dashboard i remember.

what are the chances this more modern-looking dashboard is a result of being replaced sometime after 1995? i guess it's anyone's guess, isn't it? but if you can find something definitive on that, i'd really, really appreciate it.

(sighs, looking at awesome old black-and-chrome dash pic)
2nd-Mar-2008 02:57 am (UTC) - Impala dashboards
Hopefully these links will work for you. I've searched the 'net for "real" 4-door Impala pictures and had these two. The dash is definitely not the same as the one in the Metallicar. The Metallicar has a tape deck, and from what I remember, the mid-to-late 80s were huge for tapes. The Impala would have been modified around the mid-80s, I'd think, because it doesn't have an 8-track deck. By 1995, CDs were becoming popular (or were popular), and since the Impala never had a CD player put in, I'd assume it was Dean's baby by then and he liked his cassette tapes.

Scarily enough, Dean and my sister are literally one day apart in age, and she grew up with CDs, not tapes. It's a safe bet that the Impala was modified well before 1995.

dashboard 1967
dashboard 1967

dashboard 1967 Impala
dashboard 1967 Impala

2nd-Mar-2008 02:30 pm (UTC) - Re: Impala dashboards

Yeah, these pics are MUCH more like what I pictured. *dances*

I finished the fic already, and due to lack of concrete info I just made it more vague and left out the actual color of the dash itself, but this type of dash is what I had in mind when I wrote it. YAY. And look at your pic - BENCH SEAT \0/

fic is here, if anyone is interested in reading: http://community.livejournal.com/spn_apocasmut/7601.html
there is a beautiful manip of young!dean sitting on the hood of the impala that extraonions did for me.

*is happy*

Thank you so MUCH!!
2nd-Mar-2008 06:16 pm (UTC) - Re: Impala dashboards
I didn't notice any vagueness in the story - I know what the dashboard looks like (of many classic cars, actually, as my dad was a certified Grease Monkey), so it was easy to picture. My #1 pet peeve about SPN stories is when Dean shifts gears. Um, NO. The Impala is an automatic, not a manual, which means the seats aren't split for the gearshift between them. Argh! That's part of the reason why I did this meta. Bench. Seats.

And aren't we all glad that Dean or John replaced the AM radio with an AM/FM cassette deck? Where would we be without the awesomeness of classic rock on SPN?
3rd-Mar-2008 01:36 am (UTC) - Re: Impala dashboards

this is all great & i've added it to my del.icio.us account for future reference!
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