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Heavy Meta Poisoning
Supernatural is truth
Bible entry 1x20: Dead Man's Blood 
20th-Sep-2006 08:45 pm
dotfic: neverending story
Note: The following Bible entry is authored by sargraf.
She is having major computer woes and asked me to post on her behalf. Comment as usual on the post, but if anything urgently needs editing, email it to dotfic @ gmail dot com and I'll fix it.

Once again, a very brief summary.

1x20 Dead Man's Blood

Production Crap

Original Air Date: 04/20/06
Writer: Cathryn Humphris (IMDb), John Shiban (IMDb)
Director: Tony Wharmby (IMDb)

Recurring Role
John Winchester: Jeffrey Dean Morgan (IMDb)

Guest Players
Luther: Warren Christie (IMDb)
Kate: Anne Openshaw (IMDb)
Daniel Elkins: Terence Kelly (IMDb)
911 Woman ("Genny" in the script): Christine Chatelain (IMDb)
Beau (or "Bo" in the script): Dominic Zamprogna (IMDb)
Beth: Brenda Campbell (IMDb)
Trucker: Sean Tyson (IMDb)
Also: Damon Runyan (IMDb, not to be
confused with writer Damon Runyan.)
I'm guessing he plays 911 Man (Ted), but I'm not sure.

What Time Is
The date is undefined, but the best guess puts it around fall of 2006. jenshih_blue has a nifty theory that it takes place in the four-day span between October 25 and October 29. (Sources: Winchester Journals and jenshih_blue's time-line)
Now, Which
One Was That?

When an estranged mentor of John's is killed by vampires, Sam and Dean team up with their father, and then team against him before finally teaming up with him again at the end. They find the legendary Colt, which John believes has the power to kill the Demon they've been hunting all their lives. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the vampires have titilating sex with fluctuating degrees of existential angst.

All the
Niggling Little Details

  • Dean touches Sam 3 times, for a total duration of approximately 0 minutes, 35 seconds.
  • Sam touches Dean 0 times, for a total duration of approximately 0 minutes, 0 seconds. (He will overcompensate for this in Salvation, however, so all's well that ends painfully for Dean.)
  • Random Stats: The boys spend roughly 5% of the episode sidling up to each other. Dean spends roughly 2% of the episode as bait. Sam and John spend roughly 7% of the episode bonding. And they all spend roughly 12% of the episode in various cars (Sam spends roughly 34% of that time driving; Dean doesn't drive once). Also: roughly 2.5% of the episode standing motionless as Luther dies and the other vamps run away.
  • Contrary to popular belief (Sam's), Dean is also searching for a job in the opening scene. He is reading a newspaper, while Sam surfs the 'net. (That is such a perfect image for both on many geeky levels, but insignificant to the plot, so I'll just shut up about it.) All of that said, he spends barely 6 seconds on that paper, that we see, so he's not exacting doing overtime.
  • Dean: "Sounds more like That's Incredible than Twilight Zone." That's Incredible took a look at the more unusual sides of nature, medicine and human endeavor. Twilight Zone was Rod Serling's seminal anthology series focusing on ordinary folks who suddenly found themselves in extraordinary, usually supernatural, situations. (Summaries taken from IMDb.)
  • D. Elkin's number is: 970-555-0156 (source: Winchester Journals). It looks more like 0180 to me, but my eyes aren't the best in the world. There is a dark line of ink underneath his name, as if someone else's name or number has been crossed out. There is also reference to a K. Johnson and a T. Bradford, also with a third (fourth?) name crossed out underneath.
  • The "Day In the Life" special from the S1 DVD extras was filmed the day they shot the "oops, I spilled the popcorn" scene in Elkins' house.
  • Elkins had a ring of salt around his front door, either out of habit or paranoia. Both? Yet he only had a single knife on his person for protection, had no other weaponry ready at all, and had to dig into his safe for his most prized possession (one assumes) to fight Kate. Perhaps he's clumsy, or perhaps he's lazy, or perhaps he's gotten complacent in his old age. One has to wonder what his track record was and how he got to this state, if he was a great mentor to John and a superior hunter, at that, to supposedly wipe out the vampires.
  • Dean notices a pattern in blood on the floor, just as he did in Shadow. (Hand Porn Duration: approximately 16 seconds, complete with writing instrument.)
  • Sam asks Dean, "Do you think this guy Elkins was a player?" and gives us a new word for our Hunter's Dictionary.
  • The bed nearest to the door in the motel room is Dean's. He is sleeping on it during their nap, and is packing his things on it at the end of the episode. (I'm guessing John had his own room, although they're being awfully leisurely about packing with him out of sight, if that's the case. Him being in lone wolf mode and all.)
  • Kate wears a cross necklace, as does at least one other vampire (the male Dean takes down with his crossbow in the final fight).
  • Question: when Kate refers to what Elkins did to Luther's family, is she referring to Luther's vampire family or to one of the latest generations of his original human family? I'm assuming it's the former, but if it's the latter, that's an intriguing look behind the scenes at the MO of this apparently legendary former vampire hunter, as well as the morality/humanity of SPN's vampires.
  • There is an automated gun rack in Truckzilla, complete with a foam(?) display mold. It's very shiny.
  • A Biblical quote is engraved in Spanish on the Colt: non timebo mala, or "fear no evils" (Psalm 23:4) in English (source: Winchester Journals)
  • Sam draws his machete out when the 911 woman howls at him, but she is still alive at the end of the episode. One has to assume, since all the vampires were still alive after this initial contact, he didn't kill her or any of the others during this scene.
  • Kate spends approximately 8 seconds kissing Dean, just one second less than she spends kissing the 911 woman. We see that, for at least 25% of that time, Hank is a happy voyeur.
  • Instead of the "right to life" speech, Luther was originally scripted to say "I'm impressed. You two don't give up. I'll give you a chance... join us — and you can survive." (Sam was also originally scripted to say "Nice shot..." after John kills Luther, and the scene then dissolved to the motel room scene, where Sam and Dean discuss how much ammo John has left.)
  • Incidentally, Luther takes 34 seconds to die. It takes John & Co. over a minute to re-engage their brains.
  • Sam says "Yes, sir" three times in the final scene. This is just once more than he's said it in all of the previous episodes combined (Shadow: 2), to the best of my recollection. Meanwhile, Dean is silent the first two times, finally saying it in unison with Sam.
  • The last shot of the episode is of John's face. He glances at Sam, and then he looks over at Dean and holds it there. The episode ends as his expression softens into a very faint smile. Nice shot.
Where'd That
Myth Come From?
  • Vampires, not to be confused with the vamps from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (See: Comparison of Depictions of Vampires in Media.) Anyway, here's the Kripspeak version: "Most vampire lore is crap. A cross won't repel them. Sunlight won't kill them. And neither will a stake to the heart. But the bloodlust? That part's true. They need fresh human blood to survive. They were once people, so you won't know it's a vampire until it's too late." We learn later that they don't have fangs, but a second set of teeth that descends when they attack, and that sunlight may hurt like a nasty sunburn, but that doesn't mean they won't walk around it it or stay helplessly asleep during the day. They also mate for life.

    Dean also does his part in telling us what we're watching:
    "Vampires nest in groups of eight to ten. Smaller packs are sent out to hunt for food. Victims are taken to the nest, where the pack keeps them alive, bleeding them for days or weeks." Basically, these vampires can only be killed by a beheading, although dead man's blood will weaken them for a time. (I assume dead woman's blood is just as potent.) This is all very nifty plot stuff, since the only other way to kill them is via a special bullet from...

  • The Colt. And here's the Kripspeak on that: "Back in 1835, when Halley's comet was overhead, the same night those men died at the Alamo, they say Samuel Colt made a gun. A special gun. He made it for a hunter—a man like us, only on horseback. The story goes, he made thirteen bullets. This hunter used the gun a half dozen times before he disappeared, the gun along with him. Somehow, Daniel got his hands on it. They say—they say this gun can kill anything."

    In response to Dean's question, John replies that, yes, it has the power to kill supernatural anything. Like the Demon. Whether this is true or not is up in the air. Salvation and Devil's Trap are both somewhat vague on the answer, but certainly the Demon is afraid of it. (It's too bad the Demon isn't a history buff, or it might have doubted the veracity of John's story and saved the Winchester men a heck of a lot of serious pain in the following two episodes by saying "pfft, what do they know?" and walking away. Of course, John could have been referring to the early days of the The Texas Revolution. Given the wording, it's a bit of a stretch, but it might be what the writers meant.)
What's in a
  • No aliases, although Dean refers to Sam as "tough guy."

  • Sam/Sammy Battle:
    Sam: 7 (four times by John, three times by Dean)
    Sammy: 5 (twice by John, three times by Dean)

    Also, Dean: 7 (3 times by John, four times by Sam)
    And John: 1 (by Sam, referring to Daniel Elkins' letter)
What Did You Just Say?

Dean: Looks like the maid didn't come today.

Sam: Hey, there's salt over here, right inside the door.
Dean: You mean like "protection against demons" salt or "oops, I spilled the popcorn" salt?

Dean: Vampires. Gets funnier every time I hear it.

John: Dean, why don't you touch up your car, before you get rust. I wouldn't have given you the damn thing if I thought you were going to ruin it.

John: Get back in the car.
Sam: No.
John: I said, get back in the damn car.
Sam: Yeah. And I said no.

Sam: Hey, Dad, whatever happened to that college fund?
John: Spent it on ammo.

Kate: Car trouble? Lemme give you a lift. Take you back to my place.
Dean: Ah, I'll pass. I usually draw the line at necrophilia.
("Usually," Dean?)
Kate: Oooh. [backhands Dean, then lifts him up with one hand]
Dean: I don't normally get this friendly till the second date, but...
Kate: You know, we could have some fun. I always like to make new friends.
[squicky smooching]
Dean: Sorry. I don't always stay with a chick that long. Definitely not eternity.

Sam: You can't treat us like this.
John: Like what?
Sam: Like children.
John: You are my children. I'm trying to keep you safe.
Dean: Dad, all due respect, but that's a bunch of crap.
[Sam and John stop and stare.]
John: Excuse me?

Dean: You know, I've been thinking. I think maybe Sammy's right about this one; I think we should do this together. We're stronger as a family, Dad. We just are, you know it.

Dean: [to victims] I told you I'd come back.

John: So, boys.
Sam: Yes, sir.
John: You ignored a direct order back there.
Sam: Yes, sir.
Dean: Yeah, but we saved your ass.
John: You're right.
Dean: I am?
John: Scares the hell out of me. You two are all I've got. Well, I guess we are stronger as a family. So, we go after this damn thing. Together.
Boys, in unison: Yes, sir.
Counting the
Pain Quotient:
  • Sam Owie: is clutched
    around the neck by John (1) and by Luther (2).

  • Sam Owie: (1) shove or poke in the chest, by John.

  • Dean Owie: (1) slap across the face, by Kate.

  • Dean Owie: is thrown against (1) car, by Kate.

  • Dean Owie: (1) kiss with a vampire. (Is that an owie?)

  • John Owie: tossed against (1) wall and (1) car, by Luther.

Collateral Damage: Danny Elkins. 911 Man.

The Bad, the Ugly, and the Dead: All the vampires, save Kate and Beth.

Metallicar Watch: Sam nearly wrecks her, but John stops Truckzilla in time. (Perhaps not entirely coincidental: We don't see Sam drive the car once for the rest of the season until the end, when Dean is out of commission. And then, you know, they have a wreck with the Granddaddy of Truckzillas. I'm just saying.)

Zippo Count: N/A

Sacrificed on the Altar of Whoops!

  • John's journal lists Daniel Elkins as D. Elkin. (source: TV.com)
  • Dean says, "We could just keep heading east." How far away did they drive, and then turn around to head back east? Nice continuity about Sarah, but a little bizarre. Then again, this is SPN. Why nitpick their travel habits?
  • The boys break into Elkins' house without gloves, leaving their fingerprints all over what the newspaper would indicate is a probable crime scene. Did they wipe off all of those things they touched, after the fact? Shouldn't Dean, at least, wear gloves? Shouldn't they, as a rule, when breaking in? Dean leaves his prints on the PO box, too. (When John says, "Nice job of covering your tracks," I wish he'd followed up with a word of caution about it, or at least a snide remark. When Dean says, "We learned from the best," I can't help but be unimpressed by all three.)
  • The Battle of the Alamo took place in 1836, not 1835. He's right about Halley's Comet, though. (Totally off-topic but kinda interesting: Mark Twain was born in November of 1835, two weeks after the comet's perihelion. He died in April of 1910, on the day following the subsequent perihelion. Twain: "I came in with Halley's comet in 1835. It's coming again next year (1910), and I expect to go out with it. It will be the greatest disappointment of my life if I don't go out with Halley's comet. The Almighty has said no doubt, 'Now here are these two unaccountable freaks; they came in together, they must go out together.' " You and a lot of other people, Mark. Still, it's kinda neat.)
  • The promos for Dead Man's Blood showed the 911 woman's newly vamped face as she howls at Sam, yet in the episode itself, they cut it out. Not a technical whoops, perhaps, but why'd they cut it? They apparently edited the myth as to how one becomes a vampire; 911 woman's blood wasn't drained, although she sipped Kate's blood. It seems an odd shot to remove, as it clarifies what happens and provides a "cool" look, as well. Why show it from her POV instead of Sam's? We could still get that shot of Sam drawing his machete out. Ah, well.
  • Sam is holding a machete when he and Dean run out of the vampire's nest, but when the scene cuts to them rushing through the trees, he's not holding the machete. Did he drop it? Did a vamp swipe it? Did he behead one and drop it, because eww?
  • John knew about the dead man's blood before they went into the barn the first time. Yet rather than procuring it ahead of time and taking out the vamps like sitting ducks (yeah, I know, it's TV), he decides to walk right in with his not-fully-prepped boys. After they escape the vampires, he informs the boys that once a vampire catches your scent, it's for life. I'm looking more at Kripke here than John, but honestly. Share the intel, John. But then we wouldn't have an episode. Still. You'd think there'd be a way to do this without making John look either 1) incompetent or 2) everything Sam has said he is. But maybe that's the point. Hmm.
  • The Colt has a symbol very much like the Devil's Trap that Sam draws on the Impala in the finale. Does this mean that demons (and/or vampires) should not be able to touch it? (How does that work?)
    [EDIT by dotfic: at sargraf's request, I verified the symbols. Per the screen caps at Supernatural.tv, the symbol on the Colt is a pentagram. The symbol Sam draws on the car in Devil's Trap is a pentagram within a triangle. Also, is Luther's silver pendant a pentagram? The episode is too dark to tell, but it might be.]
Driver Picks
the Music
Tito and Tarantula - Strange Face of Love
Stevie Ray Vaughan - House is Rocking
What Did
They Just Say?
Official Heavy Metas

Daaaaaad: Sam in Dead Man's Blood, by astri13
Intelligent Disobedience: Dean in Dead Man's Blood, by sargraf (Will post ASAP.)

Other really cool people talked, too!

Let me know if I missed anything.
21st-Sep-2006 03:12 am (UTC)
Thanks for doing this for sar! You rock!

And sar? You also totally roock! This is great! THANK YOU!
21st-Sep-2006 03:33 am (UTC)
Awesome entry!!

(When John says, "Nice job of covering your tracks," I wish he'd followed up with a word of caution about it, or at least a snide remark. When Dean says, "We learned from the best," I can't help but be unimpressed by all three.)

You and me both darling. Why the boys don't *always* wear glove to crime scenes, I have no idea. Latex not manly enough for them?

Also, this is a total newbie question, but could the Bible entries be inserted in the Super-Wiki? Or are they already?
21st-Sep-2006 12:30 pm (UTC)
And of course we'd know it was sargraf's work, with that brilliant statistical breakdown of the touching! Wonderful comprehensive work.
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