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Rules of Heavy Meta

Okay, because I'm realizing I didn't make a few things clear, I thought I'd post a set of rules here, and then post it on the info page. Should have done this to begin with... *is stupid*

Rules of Heavy Meta

  1. The first rule of Heavy Meta: Do talk about heavy meta! This community was, in part, founded for the production and dissemination of meta about the TV series Supernatural. Feel free to link to metas in your journal, or to rebut or discuss or praise metas in other people's journals. (I generally feel that it's nice to ask people before you link to their metas, but that's me.) Posting metas here directly is encouraged.

  2. The second goal of this community is to produce a bible of sorts for the show--a place to which writers and metaers can go to get information on all the minutiae of the show, like how often Dean calls Sam "Sammy," and such like. There is a regimented plan for this:
    • Bible Entries: Each episode will have a bible entry which details the production information, minute details of the episode, music used in the episode, and information about the urban legends they cover. If you'd like to do a bible entry, please go to the Heavy Meta Adoption Grid and comment with the bible entry you'd like to do. For the first season, each member is allowed to adopt two bible entries until such time as all episodes are covered. The html text for the bible entry template is here, and bible entries should be posted on the due date listed in the grid. The schedule is one episode every Tuesday throughout the summer, which should bring us up to the premiere of season two pretty nicely.
    • Official Heavy Metas: Each episode has three official heavy metas*: one for Dean, one for Sam, and one for Papa (even when he doesn't appear in the episode). Again, each member is given an allowance of two Heavy Metas until the season's quota is filled. Metas should restrict themselves to the episode and may include details from any episode that came before it--no bringing up "Devil's Trap" in a Dean meta for "Faith," for instance, though bringing up "Skin" or the pilot is acceptable.
    • Other metas from the peanut gallery: Just because a Heavy Meta has been claimed, that doesn't mean you can't meta on an episode if it so moves you. In fact, that's completely encouraged and loved. Meta away!

  3. If you have adopted a meta or bible entry and you cannot fulfill the adoption, please email me (at the name@livejournal email) and I'll find a replacement for you. While bible entries have due dates, metas do not, but should ideally be posted within a week of the bible entry for that episode (though, of course, you can post the meta much earlier if you wish).

  4. The memories function will be kept up-to-date by me (barring lack of internet access occasionally), and each episode will eventually have its own memory section.

  5. Please lj-cut! Metas tend to be long, and the bible entries by their very nature are huge, so please be kind to other people's friendslists and put your meta/bible entry behind a cut. This also prevents people from being spoiled about episodes they may not have seen yet. Your ljfriends will thank you!

  6. Heavy Meta is for meta only. If you are doing a meta and want to link to a fic or vid that illustrates what you're talking about, that's cool, but please, no pure fic or vid pimping. There are great places out there for that, notably supernatural_nb, which is a notice board for all things Supernatural and will ensure that your fic or vid is posted as a link on the spnnewsletter.

*A meta is here defined as a discussion of a character's motivations and emotional state, as well as speculation on where those motivations and emotions might take him in later episodes.

Okay, all, that's about it from me for now. As we need more clarification on things, and as the community matures, I'll be updating this post. Please feel free to comment here if you think I left anything out.


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