sylvia_bond (sylvia_bond) wrote in spn_heavymeta,

6x1 Supernatural Meta/Review: What a Peice of Work is Sam

Tags: meta_links

  • New Dean discussion blog

    There's a new blog for Dean meta on tumblr, if anyone is interested. It's the aptly named deanwinchestermeta. (Mods: If it's not ok to promote a…

  • Episode 9x13 thoughts at my journal

    I've posted my thoughts on the current state of Sam and Dean's relationship here at my journal. I'd love to hear your thoughts! Spoilers…

  • Three-line meta for 912

    Just a silly meta, but the first I've wanted to share in ages. Hope that's OK here. Also, hope it's clear that I am kidding. The episode left me in…

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