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Heavy Meta Poisoning
Supernatural is truth
Please adopt these pets! 
16th-May-2006 10:01 am

Weekly Adoption Listing

"Wendigo" is a lovely episode, full of blood and bondage, and we have two wonderful characters up for adoption for this one.

Sam Winchester: 22-years-old, moderately good-looking if you like that sort of thing. Sam is a basically nice boy, but he needs to be handled with care. Anger management an issue, but he has a good heart and has a lot of love to give anyone who would meta him.

John Winchester: 50ish absent father who loves his boys but sends them on wild Wendigo chases instead of hanging out with them. Adopter must like conjecture.

If you're interested in either of these fine characters, please comment here and one of our adoption specialists will ignore your call but stick your name on a list of victims of meta all the same.

These characters are available for adoption now, and the adoption period is open-ended.

P.S. If you have already taken your two-meta allowance, this is still open to you, because not enough people responded.

17th-May-2006 08:15 pm (UTC)
Oh, twist my arm why don't you. I will take John, if he's still available.

17th-May-2006 08:53 pm (UTC)
LOVELY! I was thinking I'd have to do it myself, and then everyone would start to think that I only metaed Papa and then they'd think I was a Papalover and they'd start sending me all these hot pics of him and...

Um, yeah, never mind. No bad there!

You've got him--just let me go update the grid.


P.S. Um... we should talk. About Dean. And the fact that, basically, you've already written most of the season-long overview of him. Yeah.
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