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Heavy Meta Poisoning
Supernatural is truth
Helping Hands - Good Guys of Season 1 
23rd-Oct-2006 06:34 pm
Sees we`ll be getting to know a few new people this Season lets take a look back at the

Helping Hands - The Good Guys of Season 1

The Reason

The Mother
First off I`d like to thank the woman without whom I wouldn`t be standing here, receiving this academy aw...wrong speech the most important part of Supernatural wouldn`t exist.
Mary Winchester has been the beginning of our two intrepid heroes - literally - by bringing them into the world - and figuratively as her violent death propelled the family on a path of hunting evil.
As far as blood relations go I don`t for a second believe that both boys aren`t her sons. Look at her and Dean in "Home", the round face, the eye-colour, the full mouth - he is her spitting image. And as for Sam, both John and Dean have a more sturdier built so I`d guess Sam gets his from Mary.

Canonically, we didn`t learn much about Mary, other than she was the wife of John Winchester and the mother of Sam and Dean. And John`s journal had some mention about her family not being too keen on him, at least after the fire.
From the brief scene in the Pilot we don`t know if she was a regular stay at home Mom or just at the time on account of having a six month old baby. She appeared loving and affectionate with both her children. When she kissed Sam goodnight, she kept a hand on Dean`s back initially, in a way embracing both of them. Personally I thought that was a nice little touch.

Also her and John seem to be sharing kids duty, when the baby monitor wakes her, her first call is to John and she seemed content when she thought he was tending to baby Sammy. The Winchester household seem to be a true partnership in this, with no clear-cut man brings home the bacon, woman cooks, cleans and tends to the children-separation.

We get a glimpse into the person Mary is when she realizes a stranger is in her baby`s room and she immediately dashes back up there. She doesn`t stop to wake her Marine husband, doesn`t hesitate a minute. Yes, of course there is mother instinct in play here but it also shows her to be a woman who is brave and won`t think twice about rushing in danger to protect the people she loves.
Reminds you of someone? Or three someones? ;)

I think we did learn a lot about Mary through her "men." John while not the grief-stricken, often angry men he was after the fire, surely wasn`t a cuddle-bunny at any time in his life. Remember his former partner`s words in "Home": "he never did like to lose."
And he held onto her memory through all the years, never taking off his wedding ring, still stating his wish "that Mary was alive."
She must have been a personality, a presence to not only be able to handle a man like John, be a true partner to him but to inspire such a sense of loyalty and longing that it kept her THE woman for him. While I don`t think John remained celibate, I do think no woman ever touched Mary`s place in his heart. If she had been a simpering moron that wouldn`t have happened.

Dean in "DitW" states that he knows his mom wants him to be brave and so he tries to be brave for her everyday. He clearly holds onto her memory fiercely too.

Sam never had any memories of his mother so Mary remains a concept to him up until Home.
But I think in that brief instant he gets to "know her", she does leave a deep impression with him. She does become a real person for him.
In "Home" Mary dies and second and final time and just like her first death she doesn`t hesitate to sacrifice herself for her sons. It is also her sons that allow her to appear in her true form once more. I never got the impression that she meant to scare Jenny`s family as her "fiery self".
Maybe until the moment when the family moved in she was in a state of non-awareness. Resting there as a ghost because she felt she had something important to finish, maybe knowing that her mission to protect her children (yes both, the Poltergeist seemed to be okay with offing both Sam and Dean) wasn`t finished yet.

When she adresses her sons in "Home" the blocking is a bit unfortunate so yes it is heartbreaking to see her essentially pass by Dean to get to Sam but look at the way she looks at Dean when she adresses him, a look full of love and pride for the man he has become.
And if she had some time I`m guessing she would have had a lot to say to both of them.

And much has been speculated about her words to Sam: "I`m sorry." Sure he never got to know her or she him much but I`m sure she is sorry for missing both of her boys grow up or the way they did grow up so I`m guessing she is aware of something related to Sam`s powers, maybe even the cause for it.

In any case, on the surface Mary Winchester just seems to be a plot device - the dead woman to get the male heroes going but IMO if you look under the surface she is much, much more than that.

The Lover

We know even less about Jessica than we do about Mary. She is introduced to us basically as Sam`s loving and supportive girlfriend and we don`t get many hints as to gauge her personality.

It does look like she is the one in the relationship dragging Sam off to parties and trying him to have fun as seen in the Pilot. Again, reminds you of anybody? ;) This led me to believe that Sam naturally gravitated to a "Dean"-personality.

Sam`s line in "Route 666" indicates that him and Jess were dating for 1 1/2 years, maybe a courting phase before that he isn`t counting? Which means they got together about halfway through his Stanford time. And I know it`s a mistake but it`s now also canon that Sam and Dean didn`t speak for 2 years, so their break-up would have occured around the time Sam and Jess became an item. Maybe Sam tried to fill a void here, hm. *g*

Subsequently it is Jessica`s death that so to speak brings Sam up to speed with John and in a way Dean as it propells him now on the path of hunting, this time out of his own choice.
It`s still unclear why Jessica had to die, by the demon`s admission "she was in the way" but either the demon is very sexist and believes only women make dangerous emotional support system or there is more there at play. Maybe the Demon lacks significant male relationships so he underestimates them. :P

Jess as Mary appears once more in ghostly form but it`s unclear if that truly was her ghost or a conjuring of Sam`s guilt conscience. If she is a ghost it would mean she held onto the mortal coil, perhaps to grant forgiveness to Sam and wait till he was ready to somewhat accept that?
If so she would and could have moved on after that.
Otoh, poor Sam was rather thrown by seeing her as it was unclear if she was forgiving or accusing him.

The demon in "Phantom Traveller" told him Jess would burn in hell which in the spiritual world of SPN doesn`t make lots of sense unless the Demon had the power to snatch unwilling souls or Jess was evil so I`m writing this one down to demon-lying.

The Network

Holy Ghost

Yes, I`m talking about our one and only Pastor Jim here whom we only met briefly in "Salvation" and sadly lost already.
I`m not too knowledgeable in the various churches in the US but I`m guessing with the title "Pastor", he isn`t catholic. Where I live that would be evangelic/protestant so I think it will be something like this.

Pastor Jim is clearly a friend and helper to the Winchester family. One who didn`t have a falling out with John on top of that. :) Maybe that was his great downfall as Meg only seemed to target the still-close family friends who were on speaking terms or at least start with those.

He also seemed to be a stationary hunter/network person while living a stationary life unlike the Winchesters. In fact in Season 1 we don`t meet any other "nomadic" hunters like them.
However he does have an impressive weapon arsenal in his cellar and knows how to handle them. He also knew pretty quick that Meg was possessed.
It`s possible he used to be a hunter more like the boys and has since been retired.

PJ is also someone who has known the Winchesters for some time and has been a figure in the boys life growing up. As we learned in "Something Wicked" he was the emergency contact for them and therefore someone John trusted to protect his children. Possibly Jim could have been the person Sam and Dean would go to if John never returned from a hunt. Surely there were procedures for that in place as anything else would have been criminally neglectful.

I imagine PJ as somewhat of a father or maybe "uncle" figure in the brother`s life, at least when they were kids. One can only wonder if there have been arguments with John about his treatments of Dean and Sam. Maybe someone like a Pastor whose occupational hazard includes infinte patience, was one of the few people who could avoid a falling-out on that account. :)

Hopefully Pastor Jim can make many, many returns in flashbacks. *sniffle*


We learned even less about Caleb other than he was John`s go to-guy for ammunition and always was still on speaking terms with John. I think from the looks of it Caleb was a networker or stationary hunter too.
In Shadow he is the one that gives Dean the information on daevas that Sam didn`t manage to find in any books so it seems Caleb is pretty knowledgeable in the occult.

He also appeared to be pretty young, not much older than Dean so possibly they had a friendship or brotherly dynamic going on.
And of course he was defiant to the last in the face of Demon!Meg, he didn`t beg for his life, he told John not to give her anything and even after he was dead his eyes still seemed to bore right into her.

Bobby and Rumsfeld

Bobby is another networker we met and one that even gets to outlive his dangerous association to the Winchester family.
He is also someone John managed to piss off enough to threaten Bobby have him shot. However as we see in the beginning of "Devil`s Trap" he doesn`t hesitate a second to provide assistance to them in a what he knows to be dangerous endeavor.

Bobby - maybe like Caleb - is equally knowledgeable in the occult. He apparently keeps track on demonic activities, possesses occult books and immediately could tell Meg was an innocent human possessed.

Bobby doesn`t strike me as a physical guy like PJ as in I don`t think he used to be an active hunter. I guess Rumsfeld was the physcial protector here. *sniffle*

The Hermit

Daniel Elkins is presented to us practically as a warning what happens when you let the hunting life drive you to bitterness and isolation. A what-if for John maybe if he hadn`t had two little kids to need and therefore ground him.

Elkins apparently was also a mentor of John, maybe teaching him some tricks of the trade early in his hunting career, probably when the boys were little and staying with someone else seeing as they would have spend a few weeks on "base camp hunting".
The partnership can`t have lasted very long or Dean and Sam would have known about the man.

Elkins by all accounts specialized in vampire hunting and while he does seem stationary in "DMB" once upon a time he probably travelled the lands as the Winchesters do.

In Faith another networker was mentioned: Joshua who provided Sam with the info on the faith healer so he could probably be one of the "researchers".
And I`m sure there are other hunters out there, maybe even a whole network of them. Call me pregoc. ;)

A few people who played a role in the brother`s life like college friends Becky and Zack and ex-gf Cassie were more people in peril than secondary characters. And I`m not touching the Cassie-character with a ten foot pole.

The Psychic

My personal (non-favorable) opinion of Missouri notwithstanding I didn`t get the impression that she is part of the hunting world. I do think she is just a contact of John personally.

I think John stumbled upon her after Mary`s death - he probably did what the boys did here, went through the phone book and visited all the "psychics" he could find in an attempt to make sense of what he saw - and since he already did get an overdose of the supernatural she saw no point in lying to him about it. So she "pulled the curtain back" in her own words and confirmed his fears.

Other than that I think she just keeps up her business of psychic readings in Lawrence, maybe providing assistance to John from time to time but wouldn`t even necessarily know another contact from his journal.
She mentioned to drive by the old house every now and then to check it up but I didn`t get the impression she "looks" for hunts in any way.

She does have knowledge in herbs and rituals but again that doesn`t necessarily make her part of the hunting world. She is also not listed as a contact in John`s journal, otherwise they would have come to her more easy in "Home" and not through Dean associating her name with some obscure entry in the journal.

The Journal also mentions John bringing the boys to her, probably not long after Mary`s death where the kids obviously took to her with Dean talking and Sam smiling. Yet since they have no idea who she is in "Home", that either was a one time deal or they never met her again when John took off with them.

Her psychic powers seemed sketchy in the episode as she said the house was clean and missed the second presence altogether. By her own admission I think she proclaimed Sam to have greater powers or at least the potential for it than her so I`m guessing she isn`t on the level of the demon-sought PKs (psychic kids) in general.
I took her for a mind-reader, perhaps somewhat between empathy and telepathy with maybe a bit of vision thrown in? I would think in any case however that she and every psychic mindreader has the means to shield herself from the thoughts of other because otherwise you`d soon go mad. Therefore she doesn`t read people as a default but by choice.

I don`t want to say too much about her interaction with the brothers as I was unimpressed with her social skills toward everybody in this ep as for me they were far out of the boundaries of acceptable interaction with strangers which demands some common courtesy and professionalism. Friends and family have a comfort zone there that strangers (and it is strangers if the other party don`t know you) don`t have, period.
And that goes for EVERY situation no matter the mind-state others are in or you think they are in or whatever. It still doesn`t entitle you to breach the barriers IMO.
Dean here had every right to be as annoyed as he was and would have been well within his right to react a lot more negatively than he did.
Sam would have been in his rights to react negatively seeing as he is not in fact three years old.

Ironically enough I would be down with her coming back if the writers toned it down a bit.

In any ways, Dean and Sam maybe alone on the frontlines but not in the war.
23rd-Oct-2006 08:05 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the bit about Caleb and Daniel Elkins, I almost forgot about them.
24th-Oct-2006 11:49 am (UTC)
Poor Caleb and Pastor Jim, I was so bummed we finally got to know them - for about 1 minute.
:( I`m just in love with Caleb because this one fanfic author made him such a great, vivid characters in the `verse.
24th-Oct-2006 02:30 am (UTC)
Oh this is just brilliant!

wonderful insights into Mary and her influence on the family.
Maybe the Demon lacks significant male relationships so he underestimates them. LOL.

I guess Rumsfeld was the physcial protector here. too true! I am interested that when the boys run into Gordon, it is Ellen Sam calls, and not Bobby. Bobby obv not so much with the networking.

I`m not touching the Cassie-character with a ten foot pole Good call ;)

Thanks for this perceptive and funny meta!

24th-Oct-2006 11:47 am (UTC)
I am interested that when the boys run into Gordon, it is Ellen Sam calls, and not Bobby. Bobby obv not so much with the networking.

Jo`s Blog mentioned an "Uncle" Bobby, the same? Anyways John seemed to carefully pick and choose to whom he introduced the boys too even though he knew Ellen, Gordon and the whole gang apparently. Maybe the brothers didn`t think that people like Bobby were involved too and basically everybody but them knows the who`s who.

I mean come to think of it everybody seemed to have lied to them. Maybe Sam wouldn`t have felt his life was so freaky if he knew that there is a whole community out there with a nice little bar to rest. Hell, maybe they have daycare and health plans. *g*

Thanks for this perceptive and funny meta!

*blushes* Thanks for commenting.
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