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Heavy Meta Poisoning
Supernatural is truth
Bible Entry 1x21: Salvation 
31st-Oct-2006 11:55 pm
SPN - Sam

1x21 Salvation

Boring Production Crap
Original Air Date: 4/27/06
Writers: Raelle Tucker & Sera Gamble
Director: Robert Singer

Guest Players
Jeffrey Dean Morgan: John Winchester
Nicki Lynn Aycox: Meg Masters
Sebastian Spence: Tom
Richard Sali: Pastor Jim Murphy
Josh Blacker: Caleb
Erin Karpluk: Monica Holt
David Lovgren: Charlie Holt
Serinda Swan: Hospital Receptionist
Rondel Reynoldson: Receptionist

What Time Is It?
When John, Dean and Sam discuss what's going on in Salvation, Iowa in John's motel room, there is a mention that it has been "about a year" since John left Dean, and Dean arrived at Stanford to find Sam.  So, that puts this episode at approximately October 31, 2006.
Now, Which One Was That?
John has realized where the demon will strike next so the Winchesters head to Salvation, Iowa to stop the next killing. But Meg begins killing John's friends and demands the Colt or she'll keep going until everyone John knows is dead.  John takes a decoy Colt to Lincoln, Nebraska to confront Meg, while Sam and Dean go to Salvation to stop the Demon from destroying another family.
All the Niggling Little Details
  • Coming as soon as I translate the notes I took while watching into something readable.

Where'd That Myth Come From?
This information comes directly from the pad of definitions from the Official Supernatural Site.  If/when I find more information for any of this, this section will be updated.
  • Salvation: Refers to the liberation from an undesirable state or evil. It can also refer to the source or means of deliverance.

  • Mandaic Amulet: An amulet is an object worn, typically around one's neck, to ward off evil or prevent injury.  From here: Mandaic Amulets are referenced when John lists off the equipment he has gathered in preparation for his meeting with Meg.  Mandaic is an Eastern Aramaic dialect, used by followers of the Mandaean religion. It is one of the oldest Gnostic religions, and, while appearing to have Judeo-Christian roots or links, has some similarities with Zoroastrianism (also being an Iranian religion).

  • Rosary A string of prayer beads, most commonly used in the Catholic Church. A system of prayers is said on the beads as a devotion to the Virgin Mary.
What's in a Name?
  • None of the Winchesters use aliases in this episode.  While they all pretend to be cops (or something similar) to get a look at the hospital records, we don't actually hear what names they use.  Sam introduces himself to Monica as "Sam," a new neighbor.

  • Sam/Sammy Battle: Dean says "Sam" seven times; John says "Sam" once.  No instances of "Sammy"!  (Sam says "Dean" four times).
What Did You Just Say?
Counting the Cost
Pain Quotient:
  • Sam has several painful visions.

Collateral Damage: Meg kills both Pastor Jim and Caleb in an effort to get John to bring her the Colt. Sam and Dean do manage to save the family from the Demon, though, so it's not a total loss.

The Bad, the Ugly, and the Dead: Unfortunately, the Demon disappears before Sam's shot can reach him, and Meg isn't killed by the fake Colt.

Metallicar Watch: The Impala is a little bit dirty, but otherwise unharmed.

Zippo Count: The only fire in this episode comes from the Demon.

Sacrificed on the Altar of Whoops!

  • Maybe none.  Will double check to make sure.
Driver Picks the Music
"Carry On My Wayward Son" by Kansas
What Did They Just Say?
Official Heavy Metas
Dean -- Barely holding it together: Dean in "Salvation" by astri13
Sam -- Carry On, My Wayward Son: Sam in "Salvation" by candygramme
John -- Every Second Counts: John in "Salvation" by embroiderama

Other really cool people talked, too!
Please link me any "Salvation" metas you run across so I can include them here!

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