Hope (angstslashhope) wrote in spn_heavymeta,

Super-canon post of ... bigness

I hope this kind of post is allowed - I find it a bit hard to tell from all the structure and instructions in the userinfo! *hides*

At any rate, I’ve just made a giant resource post of Supernatural canon here.

Most of the information on it is taken from the official website, and includes a transcription of John’s journal - the entries following Mary’s death, the hunting notes, the clipped newspaper articles, letters, etc - photos from the show, fake IDs, and some other goodies like cracks for the website and links to other Super-canonical resources.

So, a whole lot of stuff for meta-lovers to dig around in.

Enjoy! And feel free to contribute where my expertise (i.e. transcribing stuff, hah) fails.
Tags: meta_links
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