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Chasing Rabbits - Hunted's Teaser

I *love* the way this show uses mainstream music!

Just to keep things semi-straight, the lyrics and musical cues are in italics.  The script and show visuals are underlined.  My odd thoughts are in normal font.  And various stressed points are bold.

Quiet*  The show starts with no music.
"Don't be afraid, Scott, you can tell me anything.  You know that."
  And we begin in therapy.  Normal therapy.  It's all about building trust.
"Whatever you say won't leave this room."  
If only that were true.  Therapy only works when there's trust and a feeling of safety involved.  Poor doomed Scott will not find that here.
"It started a little over a year ago. Migraines at first." Still normal.  Still silent. "Then I found I could do stuff." And it's here that the marching music starts.  The onset of powers cues our way to Wonderland.  It is what is first taking the kids out of reality.
"What do you mean 'do stuff''?"
"I have this ability.  When I touch something, I can electrocute it if I want."
"How do you know?" 

"Did it to the neighbor's cat.  It's insides fried up like a hamburger."  And it's a shame that Scott cannot come back.  This guy does an amazing job.  (Are twins a big thing for the demon?)
And the therapist makes notes.  Undoubtedly for:

One pill makes you larger "
You don't believe me." The powers make them larger than life in our reality.  They are isolated.  There can be no trust.  No sense of safety.  Having a positive therapy experience, my heart breaks a little for Scott.
And one pill makes you small "I believe that you believe."   And again, kudos to the actors.  They nailed it.  The therapist is there to see what Wonderland his client is trapped in.  He just doesn't understand what it is.
And the ones that mother gives you
Don't do anything at all
"Then here.  Wanna shake on it?"  But there is no helping,  No mothering care, comfort or nuturing to be had.  It was burned away when he was 6 months old.  It cannot help him now.
Go ask Alice But there is something in this Alice's eyes.  The therapist cannot build the trust.  Cannot reach back out.  And Scott knows it.
When she's ten feet tall And the camera holds a moment on Scott's hand.    He's 10 feet tall in front of this little man.

And if you go chasing rabbits
Why would you want to go kill the neighbor's cat?  So it's off to the rabbit chase.  A sham but perhaps going through the motions will help anyway.  Scott tries.
And you know you're going to fall "I don't!  He wants me to.  And he doesn't want me to stop there."   Something in the kids fights back.  But there's a desperation to them like they know they can't last.  They "know you're going to fall".  Scott is desperate, because if the voice in your head is you, then perhaps you do want to hurt the neighbors cat.  He wants to be crazy.  Crazy can be medicated.  Crazy is a part of this world.  The doctor thinks so too.    "Who?"  That's the point.  Alice is all about identity and  who is what and which purpose is the true one. "Who?" is the most dangerous question to ask in Wonderland.  It often goes unanswered.  When it is answered, most of the time the answer is Death.

Tell 'em a hookah smoking caterpillar
"The yellow eyed man." And if you don't think the image of the Demon as a hookah smoking caterpillar is going to stick, you are only forgiven if you don't know me.  The song is in perfect synch.
Has given you the call "Comes to me in my dreams.  Tells me to do things - awful things."  The caterpillar is one the most sinister creatures Alice encounters because he twists identities.  She ends up not sure she is Alice anymore.  She's not sure she ever was Alice.  In short, the caterpillar does exactly what we've seen the Demon do.
Call Alice "But I tell him no. No, I don't want to."  Alice has strength.  She walks away from the caterpillar.  But she's uncertain of herself and stays in Wonderland.
When she was just small Because the kids are small in Wonderland.  It's only in our reality do they appear larger. "What else does the yellow eyed man tell you?"  Because the therapist is like the others.  He thinks knowing purpose will help identify the meaning and the threat.  

When men on the chessboard
"He has plans for me."  A chess game where the pieces on the board do not see all the moves or know the strategy being applied.  They only feel the urge to move and that their actions are not their own.  Is this the song, book, Scott, or mytharc?  I love how they all just converge at this point. 
Get up and tell you where to go  "What kind of plans?"  But dreams don't work like that.  The dreamer doesn't know the end of the dream until it's done.  There is no answer.
And you've just had some kind of mushroom We fade out from therapy.  There was no illusion of safety created.  Only more questions.  No way out of Wonderland.
And your mind is moving low And down the ramp.  Still chasing rabbits.
Go ask Alice Because if you knew any Winchesters, you'd be calling them instead of throwing suspicious looks over your shoulder.
I think she'll know Bottom of the ramp.  A different rabbit hole.  A different kind of Wonderland.  Just as dangerous.

When logic and proportion 
Have fallen softly dead Ah.  Gordon.  How delicious.  He has a twisted sense of logic and no sense of proportion.  They died so softly and years ago that he never noticed they were gone if he had ever noticed they were there.
And the White Knight is talking backwards
And the Red Queen's "off with her head!"
  Because this is what the Hunters like Gordon do.  In Season 1, the other hunters are a fairy tale.  They guard innocents against the darkness.  But somewhere along the line (I'm guessing about the time Meg started slicing their throats every hour on the hour.) they started killing the innocents so the darkness would have no reason to come.  Their mission turned "backwards" and Gordon literally, "offs her head" in Bloodlust.  Fairy tales are only happy on the surface.  When you look at them, you realize how terrifying they really are.

Remember what the dormouse said:
The hunter appears. And it's over.  The dream is a nightmare.
"Feed your head
Feed your head
Scott is stabbed. A death vision.
Feed your head" He cannot use his hands/powers.  Because you are small in Wonderland, Alice.  The only power is Knowledge or the ability to corrupt and twist it.

"What the Dormouse Said" is the title a book chronicling the early days of the computer revolution.  It promotes the idea that knowledge was originally intended to be shared.  That our reliance on the computer only became reliance when people started controlling the power.  I find it delicious considering the show's use of internet searches and computer pattern recognition programs as a way of gaining knowledge over the Demon, kids and the "Grand Plan".

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