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Heavy Meta Poisoning

Supernatural is truth

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Heavy Meta Supernatural
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The community rules be here!

This is a community for the discussion of the WB (soon to be CW) show Supernatural. It will contain weekly updates on the show, plus meta discussions of what the canon means for the characters. This is not a fanfic community. Just meta, please, though if you wish to rec a fic in the course of a meta, feel free.

If you'd like to join the insanity in a concrete way, please consider adopting an episode, either as a bible entry adopter, or a meta adopter. The entire, ugly Heavy Meta Adopters Grid stands ready to welcome you!

I'm deannie, the moderator. I'm a meta whore and a canon freak (for this show at least *snerk*). 'Nuff said.

Please note: This is a canon-centric community. Wild speculations must be backed up by thoughtful analysis of the text. Note that canon includes the episodes and anything garnered from the official show site and/or Kripke/J-Boys/production discussions to which we are privy.

Flame policy: Oh yeah, hate the flame wars. I will happily--nay, gleefully--delete any denigrating posts, any flamey responses, anything not intimately concerned with the show.

Slash policy: Slash is allowable, so long as you can sell the canon of the slash. Which actually can work with this show. *g*

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